Todd Hilgert, ext. 132
Graphic Artist
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 Todd Hilgert is an designer, artist and academic. He holds a BFA with distinction in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas School of Architecture & Design. His design career has spanned the disciplines of product, packaging, and graphic design. He has done freelance work for companies across the United States and was on staff at P'kolino and Hallmark. His work focused on children's products and toys including the development of new products to enrich and educate young people. As a graphic designer and researcher, Todd's work has been on the leading edge of academic discourse on the subjects of queer identity and politics, queer aesthetics and graphic design history and practice. His work is both edgy and accessible bringing the audience into intimate proximity to the queer experience. Todd will receive his MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts where he was mentored by Silas Munro and Ian Lynam.