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These classes focus on traditional jazz vocabulary and various styles of jazz including Broadway jazz, lyrical jazz, and commercial jazz. The classes will use a variety of music such as pop, R&B, and musical theatre. The class focuses on developing strength, flexibility, correct alignment, and coordination, which will draw heavily from ballet technique and alignment. Students will gain a sense of individuality and originality and will develop the ability to move quickly and think fast. The goal is to develop dancers who are expressive, dynamic, musical, and passionate

Everybody Dance Now

(Jazz 1: Grades 3-5)
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some “jazz in your step,” students will have a great time learning basic jazz steps and dancing their way through famous musical numbers like Mamma Mia! and Beauty and the Beast. It is recommended that students be enrolled in a Ballet 1 class to take a Jazz 1 class.

All That Jazz

(Jazz 1: Grades 6 and Up)
In this creative class, students will learn classic jazz steps from hit musicals like Hairspray and Grease. They will focus on warm-ups, turns, jumps and traveling floor work in preparation for the more complex choreography of Jazz 2. It is recommended that students be enrolled in the appropriate level Ballet and Cecchetti Ballet classes to take this class.


(Jazz 2: Grades 6 and Up)
What do Kristin Chenoweth, Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lopez have in common? They’ve all taken Jazz classes! Building on steps learned in Jazz 1, this innovative and challenging class will be an excellent experience for the intermediate student looking to strengthen their dance techniques and skills. It is recommended that students be enrolled in the proper level Ballet and Cecchetti Ballet classes to take this class

Razzle Dazzle

(Jazz 3: Grades 6 and Up)
Jazz is one of the most imaginative and experimental forms of dance and this class will introduce the advanced dancer to it’s many different styles. Students will work on their performance and technique while learning combinations in the style of Fosse and Bennett as well as many others. It is strongly recommended that students be enrolled in the proper level Ballet and Cecchetti Ballet classes to take this class.


Dance Improvisation/Composition

(Grades 9 and Up)
This class explores the creative artistic soul through a strong foundation in Ballet and Jazz. With an emphasis on moving in and out of traditional techniques and understanding subtle movement challenges, students will discover “a new way in” through an exploration of movement as they learn the structure of choreography and composing their own dance piece. Prerequisites: This class is held invitation only from the Director of Education. Students wishing to take this class must also be enrolled in two ballet classes and a jazz class to be eligible.


These classes, eclectic in method, help students develop their acting potential and sharpen their skills in interpreting scripts. Previous theatre studies are not required. The classes will cover the following skills:

  • More creative confidence
  • Quicker thinking on your feet
  • Better at public speaking in social situations

Whose Line is it Anyway?

(Acting 1: Theatre Games Grades 3-5)
Through clever and improvisational theatre games, students will stretch their imaginations as they uncover valuable acting skills and build self-confidence while having fun!

Standing Room Only

(Acting 2: Grades 6 and Up)
Improvisation is an art form that gives students the chance to develop on many different levels. This energetic and upbeat class will introduce students to improvisational acting and basic scene study as they expand on what they’ve learned during theatre games in Acting 1.

Raise the Curtain

(Acting 3: Grades 6 and Up)
Acting 3 students will continue to develop their craft through acting techniques, warm-ups, and exercises in individual and group work. They will study songs and monologues from new works, classic theatre and film, and will be guided to an open and truthful performance. 

Tap combines dance and percussion and explores a variety of styles including the two traditions of rhythm tap (hoofing) and Broadway tap. Each of these styles focus on exercises that increase control, coordination, and rhythm. Classes include across the floor exercises that teach dynamics, shading, phrasing, and musicality along with extended rhythmic phrases and improvisation exercises center floor. The goal is to develop tap dancers that are equally strong musicians, dancers, and performers.

5-6-7-8 Tap

(Tap 1: Grades 3-5)
Geared for the beginning tapper with little to no experience, students will have a great time learning basic steps like Shuffle Off to Buffalo, flap and heel dig. They’ll also start to understand that their feet aren’t just making loud noises…they’re dancing!

Come and Meet Those Dancing Feet

(Tap 1: Grades 6 and Up)
This class is specifically designed for preteens and teens who have never taken tap. Students will study the techniques and skills that will enable them to progress naturally into Tap 2 while learning steps like shuffles, the paradiddle, and everyone’s favorite the time step!

Tap it Out

(Tap 2: Grades 6 and Up)
You love tap and have mastered the basics but now you’re looking for a little more of a challenge. Look no further. This fun and energetic class is an exciting way to learn an advanced tap techniques and before you know it, you’ll be doubling and tripling it up!

The Tap Pack

(Tap 3: Grades 6 and Up)
Designed and created for our most advanced tappers, this class is non-stop fun! With a focus on further expanding your technical skills from Tap 1 and Tap 2, you’ll learn more complex rhythm combinations, strive to develop a sound that’s clean and clear, and continue to grow as a tap-dancing artist.


Dancers Are Athletes

(Dance Conditioning: Dance Levels 2 and 3)
Technical training and a sense of rhythm help you to dance but to truly excel as a dancer you also need strength, balance and flexibility. Conditioning for dance is a MUST if you want to execute the movements with power and grace. During this class, through a series of exercises developed to stretch, strengthen and tone you’ll optimize flexibility, improve your technique and coordination, promote alignment and find your perfect balance. Prerequisite: Dancers must be enrolled in both Ballet Level 2 or 3 and Cecchetti Ballet to take this class.

JassThese classes are designed to give students a detailed knowledge of classical ballet which includes technique, alignment, terminology, musicality, and artistic expression. Through the styles and technical training that is taught at the Royal Ballet School in London and the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. Basic anatomy and kinesiology is also taught to develop their understanding of how their body moves. Students will also learn about classical music.  Students are evaluated and placed in these levels by the Ballet Faculty.

FUN-damentals of Ballet

(Ballet 1: Grades 3-5)
Of course ballet is FUN, but it’s also the foundation for all other dance styles! Students in this class will discover the building blocks of ballet as they learn proper terminology and body placement. Instruction will focus on basic barre work, steps across the floor and combinations. Dancers will progress quickly as they see the benefits and results of their hard work!

At The Ballet

(Ballet 1: Grades 6 and Up)
This dynamic class is designed for students that want to learn beginning ballet or any student looking to improve their dance skills. Students will do basic barre work, train to travel across the floor, and learn combinations as they develop the skills and techniques required to move into Ballet 2.

Raising the Barre

(Ballet 2: Grades 6 and Up)
Created for the student who wishes to build on the techniques learned in Ballet 1 and continue serious training. Whether you are in search of perfect pirouettes, higher legs in grand battement or elevated jumps, this class will raise your artistry to the next level and prepare you for the challenges of Ballet 3. Prerequisite: Dancers in this class must also take Cecchetti Ballet Level I/II

From Petipa to Balanchine

(Ballet 3: Grade 6 and Up)
This class is for the most advanced ballet student and dancers seeking to follow a pre-professional track. Instruction will focus on the techniques and styles taught at the Royal Ballet in London and the Joffrey Ballet in New York City. Taught by world-class dancer and choreographer, Becky Timms, this fast-paced class will emphasize choreography and mastering movements.

Pointe classes build upon the ballet technique and offer students the chance to study classical ballet variations. Pointe work requires continuous study to develop the correct musculature and all pointe shoes must be approved by the instructor prior to wearing. Students wishing to take pointe must be approved by the Director of Education and be enrolled in two ballet technique classes.

Getting to “The Pointe” 

(Pointe: Levels 1 and 2 Grades 6 and Up)
First and second year pointe students will benefit from instruction designed to guide and train the muscles required to succeed and accelerate en pointe. This class is the key to effective, safe and beautifully executed pointe work. Prerequisite: Dancers in this class must also be enrolled in the appropriate level Ballet and Cecchetti Ballet classes.

Pointe 3 Themes and Variations

(Pointe: Level 3)
Pointe work is difficult and challenging but this class is the one that will reward you for your effort. Continue to perfect your pointe technique as you learn the Lilac Fairy Variation from Sleeping Beauty and other variations and themes from famous ballets around the world. Prerequisite: Dancers in this class must also be enrolled in Ballet Level 3 and Cecchetti Ballet Level III/IV.

JassThe Cecchetti method is a progressive system of training dancers from pre-ballet to professional level. Each class includes a program of set exercises for each day of the week, divided up, so that different muscle groups are emphasized on different days to prevent overwork and injury.
The Cecchetti class level will correspond with the dancer’s Ballet class level. Both Ballet and Cecchetti Ballet classes must be taken in tandem.

Cecchetti Ballet I/II

This class corresponds to Ballet Level 1 and Ballet Level 2.

Cecchetti Ballet III/IV

This class corresponds to Ballet Level 2 and Ballet Level 3. Prerequisite: Students must enroll in both the appropriate Ballet and Cecchetti level classes.

Cecchetti Ballet V/VI

This class corresponds to Ballet Level 3 and Higher. Prerequisite: Students must enroll in both the appropriate Ballet and Cecchetti level classes.

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