As we began 2020, who would have imagined that we would be in the place we currently find ourselves? Issues that we were stressing over in March seem relatively inconsequential compared to what we’re attempting to manage today: the unknown.

Over our relatively short organizational history, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s ability to grow each season has been enormously rewarding. That is, until COVID-19 became the nightly news headline, forcing us not only to contemplate what tomorrow would bring, but what changes could happen over the next year or more. When a obstacle keeps morphing, like this virus, it becomes almost impossible to resolve. Not having an “end” to work toward has been the most challenging objective to overcome. We simply don’t have solutions...yet. Nobody does.

That being said, our biggest priority that we can control is to keep all of our patrons safe. Until we can guarantee the security of our guests, we will be forced to keep our doors closed. Surveys sent to our audience members confirm our assumptions that most people want to be socially distanced from one another or have a vaccine in place before they’re willing to sit together in a theatre.

So, for now, we will hit pause. During this time, please be patient with us as we take impressive steps to transform our theatre into a world-class facility. When we’re back in October 2021, we intend to make good on every production that you’ve purchased.


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