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42nd Street: A Broadway Spectacle in South Florida

42nd Street Maltz Jupiter Theatre Production

42nd Street Maltz Jupiter Theatre Production

To close out the wildly popular, and nearly completely sold-out 2023/2024 season, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre has set the stage for a smash-hit Broadway adaptation of 42nd Street, from March 12 through 31. Transporting theater-goers back to the glitz and glamour of 1930s Broadway, this beloved musical promises an unforgettable experience filled with iconic songs like “Lullaby of Broadway” and “We’re in the Money,” alongside mesmerizing choreography and  a heartwarming tale of dreams realized.

The Timeless Tale of 42nd Street

Originally gracing the Broadway stage in 1980, 42nd Street swiftly became a sensation, clinching two Tony Awards® in 1981 for Best Musical and Best Choreography. With a remarkable 3,486 performances under its belt, the show’s success led to multiple runs, including a critically acclaimed revival in 2001. Set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City, 42nd Street follows the journey of Peggy Sawyer, a talented dancer from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who seizes her chance at stardom when she steps into the leading role of a Broadway musical. As Peggy’s star ascends, audiences are treated to a timeless tale of ambition, perseverance, and the magic of theater.

Maltz South Florida Broadway Production

The Cast: Broadway Stars in Jupiter

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s rendition of 42nd Street showcases a dazzling array of Broadway talent right in South Florida. Taylor Quick captivates as Peggy Sawyer, her Broadway prowess lighting up the Jupiter stage, alongside the multifaceted Allie Beltran and a dynamic ensemble featuring Scott Cote, Jonathan Eisele, Stephen Eisenwasser, and more. Each cast member, from Ian Coulter-Buford’s versatile talents to Kalista Curbelo’s debut, brings unique flair and authenticity, promising a performance echoing the spirit of the original Broadway hit. With a mix of seasoned professionals and fresh faces like Maya Imani and Christian Probst, this production is a testament to the enduring charm and vibrancy of 42nd Street, ensuring a memorable experience that resonates deeply with the passion and heart of Broadway’s golden era.

Maltz 42nd Street Cast

Behind the Scenes: The Creative Minds

This rendition of 42nd Street comes to life under the guidance of a remarkable creative team. Director Jennifer Werner, along with Choreographer Kristyn Pope and Musical Director Michael Ursua, crafts a production that is both a nod to the original and a fresh take for today’s audience. Their collective vision ensures that every aspect of the show, from the tap numbers to the musical arrangements, pays homage to the era it represents while captivating the modern viewer.

Maltz 42nd Street  Choreography

At the core of 42nd Street lies it’s electrifying choreography and legendary tunes, masterfully brought to life by Kristyn Pope’s visionary choreography and Michael Ursua’s dynamic musical direction. This ensemble elevates the narrative, immersing audiences in Broadway’s magic. Ursua’s rich background in acclaimed productions infuses the music with an authentic Broadway pulse, while Scott Stauffer’s expert sound design ensures every beat and melody fills the theatre with life. Together, they create a mesmerizing spectacle where dreams are vividly danced into reality, paying tribute to the unexpected miracles of life and cherished memories.

Beyond the performances, 42nd Street at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre is a feast for the senses. The recent renovation of the Theatre means that audiences will experience this Broadway classic with state-of-the-art sound and lighting, enveloped in a set that dazzles with the essence of the 1930s. The costumes, designed by April Soroko, and the set, illuminated by Kirk Bookman’s lighting design, ensure that every scene is a picture of Broadway splendor.

Maltz Jupiter Theatre 42nd Street tickets

How to Get Your Tickets

Individual tickets to 42nd Street can be purchased online now beginning at $50 per ticket. Single, group, and premium box office tickets for 42nd Street can be purchased through the Maltz Jupiter Theatre at or call (561)575-2223. The Box Office is open weekdays between 10 am – 6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm. Whether you’re a Theatre aficionado or looking for a night out that promises more than just entertainment, this production is the ticket.

42nd Street sponsors include Jana & Ken Kahn – LRP Media Group, Dee Dee & Marty and Douglas Jaffe as Trustees of The Jeff Hunter Charitable Trust, John Osher, Marjorie Yashar & Gerry Gibian.

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