December 7-19, 2010

Music, Lyrics and Book by John Mercurio
Conceived and Developed by Andrew Kato

Creative Team

Andrew Kato, Director
Joshua Rhodes, Choreographer
Alexander Rovang, Music Director
Michael Schweikardt, Scenic Designer
Michelle Eden Humphrey, Costume Designer
Grant Yeager, Lighting Designer
Keith Kohrs, Sound Designer
Aaron Rhyne, Projection Designer
Clayton Phillips, Stage Manager
Nikki Lint, Assistant Stage Manager
Bob Cline, Casting Director


It’s the start of a new school year at St. Edward’s Preparatory Academy, the spot where the nation’s brightest young men are groomed for success. Newcomer Benji Dupres is both excited and terrified to be away from home for the first time. At once, he sees this new world has its own dress, decorum and rules and he is totally out of sync. But Benji is undeterred; he is determined to make his parents proud – especially his father who died two months ago.

Meanwhile, Amory and his best friend Michael decide to have a little fun during their senior year and make a bet whether they can influence an unsuspecting freshman to break a few rules to succeed. Amory thinks that man is inherently corruptible and that any freshman would gladly break the school’s rules to succeed academically and socially. Michael believes that man will not bow to temptation, no matter how great the reward. Unsuspecting Benji is the subject of their bet.

Along the way, the bet goes recklessly out of control and each boy feels forced to take drastic steps to guarantee their survival at the school. By the end, all three young men confront each other about the lies they’ve told and question the kind of men they are becoming. They decide to confess their crimes to the headmaster the following day and accept the consequences. But who will have the courage to come clean?





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