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Staff Listing

Andrew Kato
Producing Artistic Director/Chief Executive

Executive Department

Kelsey Peterson – Executive Assistant

Development Department

Christina Van Vliet Rynasko – Director of Development
Jan Adams – Development Associate
Deja Gamble – Development Associate
Calvin Bankert – Donor Management and Gift Processing Associate
Charla Sramowicz – Development Associate

Finance Department

Kristen Feldman – Director of Finance and Administration
Jana Johnson – Finance Manager
Kelly Morgan – Assistant Finance Manager

Marketing Department

Diane D’Amico – Marketing Manager
Jeffrey Barry – Marketing Art Director
Jamil Jiron – Graphic Designer
Anne Schmidt -Sales Manager
Gea Comune Clegg – Marketing/Community Outreach Associate
Nora Minichino – Public Relations Consultant

Operations and IT Department

Daena Briscoe – Technology Manager
Jorge Morón – Facilities Operations Manager
Tyler Galceran – Production Operations Manager

Education Department

Kim Cozort Kay – Director of Education
Kelly  Morgan – Conservatory Administrator
Briley Crisafi – Instructor
Torie D’Alessandro – Instructor
Kenneth Kay  – Instructor
Rachael Lagasse – Instructor
Mary Stucchi – Instructor

Box Office

Jay L. Johnson – Box Office Manager
Olivia Rivera – Assistant Box Office Manager
Eileen Weissmann – Box Office Administrator
Erin Hennessey – Box Office Administrator
Sarah Salmasian – Box Office Administrator

Artistic Department

Eloisa Ferrer – Company Manager/Producing Assistant
Eileen Weissmann – Assistant Company Manager

  Volunteer Department

Nancy Cion – Volunteer Coordinator

Production Department

George Horrocks – Director of Production
Chelsea Tuffy – Costume Shop Manager