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Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express

Adapted for the stage by Ken Ludwig

Florida Auditions:
Local EPA’s: Tuesday April 4
Murder on the Orient Express callbacks: April 22

New York Auditions: TBA

Directed by Peter Amster
Rehearsals begin: October 10, 2023
Opens: November 2, 2023
Closes: November 12, 2023

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A Chirstmas Carol

By Charles Dickens | Adaptation by Paul Carlin
Original Music and Arrangements by Fitz Patton
Conceived and Developed by Andrew Kato

Florida Auditions:
Local EPA’s: Tuesday April 4
Christmas Carol Callbacks: April 29 

New York Auditions: TBA

Directed by Mark Martino
Rehearsals begin November 7, 2023
Opens November 30, 2023
Closes December 10, 2023; possible extension through December 14, 2023

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Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Book by Douglas McGrath
Words and Music by Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil

Florida Auditions:
Local EPA’s: Tuesday April 4
Beautiful Callbacks: April 8th

New York Auditions: TBA

Directed by Matt Lenz
Choreographed by Ariel J. Reid
Rehearsals begin: December 19, 2023
Opens: January 11, 2024
Closes: January 28, 2024

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Plaza Suite

By Neil Simon

Florida Auditions:
Local EPA’s: Tuesday April 4
Plaza Suite Callbacks: May 6

New York Auditions: TBA

Directed by J. Barry Lewis
Rehearsals begin: January 23, 2024
Opens: February 15, 2024
Closes: February 25, 202

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42nd Street

Music by Harry Warren | Lyrics by Al Dubin
Book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble

Florida Auditions:
Local EPA’s: Tuesday April 4
42nd Street Callbacks: April 30

New York Auditions: TBA

Directed by Jennifer Werner
Choreographed by Ariel J. Reid
Rehearsals begin: February 20, 2024
Opens: March 14, 2024
Closes: March 31, 202

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Character Descriptions

Murder on the Orient Express

[POIROT]: Male, 55-65, a famous Belgian detective; a “Big” personality; authoritative, witty, charismatic and slightly pompous; driven to find the answers, good or bad, with a strong moral sense; very aware of his ability and his well deserved reputation. (CAST)

[BOUC]: Male, 30-59, a Belgian man of good humor; playful, proud, generous; a predilection for grandeur; a whirlwind of energy; must be an excellent comedian. 

[RATCHETT/COL. ARBUTHNOT]: Male, 30-59, one actor will play two roles. Samuel Ratchett: middle-aged American businessman, evil at heart and frightening, brusque, unforgiving, stern demeanor; pushy, domineering. Colonel Arbuthnot: Scotsman, also middle aged, handsome, very matter of fact, occasionally tender; must have great comic timing. 

[MICHEL/MARCEL]: Male, 35-65, one actor will play two roles. Michel: a good-looking Frenchman, about 40, a quiet, almost grave sense of humor; unfailingly polite. Marcel: a Turkish waiter, snooty, smooth; must have great comic timing. 

[MARY DEBENHAM]: Female, 30-39, an English beauty; a governess, capable yet romantic; a sadness around her eyes and a hardness about her person. 

[GRETA OHLSSON]: Female, 20-69, inherently odd, a very devout Swedish woman; a frightened, sheeplike quality; must be an excellent comedienne with an impeccable Swedish accent. 

[COUNTESS ANDRENYI]: Female, 20-39, brilliantly beautiful, like something out of a fairytale; impeccably put together, with a warmth that wins over everyone she meets; her delicacy belies a steely edge; she is no wilting flower; Hungarian accent. 

[MRS. HUBBARD]: Female, 40-69, an outspoken and flamboyant American from the Midwest; jovial, obnoxious, domineering, deliciously nosy and brash; unapologetic; must be an excellent comedienne. 

[PRINCESS DRAGOMIROFF]: Female, 60-79, a Russian dowager; very formal, a sweeping, impressive presence; imperial, impatient. 

[MACQUEEN]: Male, 30-35, tightly wound, edgy and nervous; he seems to always be on the verge of falling apart or coming unwound.

A Chirstmas Carol

Seeking five actor-narrators who sing well. These five multi-faceted performers are the engaging narrators who tell the story of Scrooge’s long night of self-discovery…the carolers who sing the music of the season to set our time, place, and mood…and the actors who play every character Scrooge encounters along the way. With a change of a hat, or the addition of a shawl, and the tiniest alteration of accent (all actors should have facility with RP British and related dialects) these five actors will play the entire spectrum of Dickens vivid characters.

(NOTE: the role of Scrooge is CAST)

Actor 1: Male Identifying-any ethnicity (characters include Marley, Fezziwig, Ghost of Christmas Present, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come) 45 – 60, charismatic, tall, imposing, capable of instilling ghostly dreadful fear as Marley, infectious joy as Fezziwig, and powerful authority and gravitas as the Ghost of Christmas Present -Bass/baritone

Actor 2: Female Identifying-any ethnicity (characters include Belle, Martha Cratchit, Scrooge’s Niece) 20-30 attractive and versatile ingenue with youthful charm and bracing intelligence… unflinchingly honest but never cruel with the young Scrooge -soprano/alto

Actor 3: Male Identifying-any ethnicity (characters include Bob Cratchit, Ghost of Christmas Past, Topper) 30 -45, somewhat androgynous, diminutive, empathetic and sympathetic – tenor/ high baritone

Actor 4: Male Identifying-any ethnicity (character’s include Scrooge’s nephew Fred, Young Scrooge, Young Husband, Businessman) 25 – 35, attractive young leading man, sense of humor, likable, personable, a ready and infectious laugh that is the counter to Scrooge’s scowl – tenor/ baritone

Actor 5: Female Identifying-any ethnicity (characters include Mrs. Cratchit, Mrs. Fezziwig, Charwoman) 35 -55, formidable character actress, able to embody equally the happy abandon of the joyful Mrs. Fezziwig, the cautious practicality and hard earned skepticism of Bob Cratchit’s loving wife, and the no apologies avarice of Scrooge’s charwoman who, with clear eyes and a cold heart, strips his corpse and bed to profit from his death — alto

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

[CAROLE KING] 20s-30s to play 16-29, female-identifying, white. Alto (G3-Eb5). An aspiring singer/songwriter with a powerful, distinctive talent. A unique, appealing, funny and vulnerable girl from a Jewish family in Brooklyn. Smart, good natured, unassuming and a peace maker, she’s a passionate but reluctant star who eventually finds her own voice. Sings: “So Far Away,” “Natural Woman,” and “Beautiful.”

[GERRY GOFFIN] 20s-30s, male-identifying, white. Tenor (D3-A4). Carole’s boyfriend, songwriting partner, and eventual husband. He is handsome with a rebel vibe. Sexy and talented, he is innately sympathetic, wounded, and tortured. His ambition and competitive nature eventually get the better of him. Sings: “Some Kind of Wonderful” and “Up on the Roof.”

[CYNTHIA WEIL] 20s-30s, female-identifying, white. Alto (E3-E5). A songwriter who partners, professionally and romantically, with Barry. Carole’s best friend. Sophisticated and intelligent, she is self-confident with a quick wit. She prioritizes her career over love. Strong comedic timing. Sings: “He’s Sure the Boy I Love” and “Walking in the Rain.”

[BARRY MANN] 20s-30s, male-identifying, white. Tenor (C3-A4). A songwriter who becomes romantically involved with Cynthia. He is good natured, appealing, a bit of a hypochondriac and can’t convince Cynthia to marry him. Sings: “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and “We Gotta Get Out of This Place.”

[DON KIRSHNER] 30s-40s, male-identifying, white. Baritone (A2-C#4). An influential music publisher and producer. He is a fast-talking and energetic force of nature. Powerful, direct, and sometimes intimidating, he has a real affinity for his writers and artists. A hitmaker. Sings: “You’ve Got a Friend.”

[GENIE KLEIN] 40-59, female-identifying, white. Carole’s mother. Once an aspiring playwright, she has been broken down by life and her divorce from Carole’s father. She projects these feelings onto Carole but is protective of her and occasionally knows the right thing to say. Non-singing role.

[NEIL SEDAKA / RIGHTEOUS BROTHER / ENS] 20s-30s, male-identifying, white. Tenor (B3-G#4). Seeking strong high rock tenor to play young singer-songwriter and half of the world-famous duo. Sings: “Oh, Carol” and “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

[RIGHTEOUS BROTHER / NICK / ENS] 20s-30s, male-identifying, white. Bass (F2-Eb4). Seeking strong bass / baritones to play half of the world-famous duo and session player friend of Carole. Sings: “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

[LUCILLE / SHIRELLE /ENS] 20s-30s, female-identifying, Black. Alto (A3-Db5). Seeking charismatic singer to play Donny’s assistant and part of the girl-group, The Shirelles. Sings: “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.”

[LITTLE EVA / SHIRELLE / ENS] 20s-30s, female-identifying, Black. Alto (Bb3-E5). Seeking charismatic singer to play the “Locomotion” singer and part of the girl-group, The Shirelles. Sings: “Locomotion” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.”

[JANELLE WOODS / SHIRELLE / ENS] 20s-30s, female-identifying, Black. Alto (B3-D5). Seeking charismatic singer to play the “Locomotion” singer and part of the girl-group, The Shirelles. Sings: “One Fine Day” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.”

[THE DRIFTERS / ENSEMBLE] 20’s-30’s, male-identifying, Black. Lead singer: tenor, (Eb3-Eb5). Seeking appealing, charismatic singers to play The Drifters, who are heavily featured in songs including “Up on the Roof” and “On Broadway.

[MARILYN WALD / ENS] 20s-30s, female-identifying, white. Alto (G3-C5). Brill Building singer who has an affair with Gerry. Sings: “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”

Plaza Suite

Casting character artists, capable of playing a wide range of comedic styles – from language driven situational comedy to physical broad farce. As written, both the male and female lead characters in each of the 3 Acts will be played by the same actor/actress.  

[KAREN NASH/MURIEL TATE/NORMA HUBLEY]: Female,40-50; Karen Nash: mid-life Housewife hoping to rekindle her marriage. Hopeful, yet resigned to reality; Muriel Tate: Warm, easy smiling, eager to please, a bit star struck. Seems naive and vulnerable as the day she graduated High School; Norma Hubley: Nervous and harassed Mother of the Bride, attempting to control a losing situation.

[SAM NASH/JESS KIPLINGER/ROY HUBLEY]: Male, 40-50; Sam Nash: He is turning 50 and refuses to accept the reality. Impeccably neat, measured, efficient and economic; Jess Kiplinger: About 40. Hip, confident, successful Hollywood Director. At times arrogant and pleased with self; Roy Hubley: Volatile, explosive, no nonsense Father of the Bride. Can handle the business of the world but not his daughter’s pre-wedding melt down.

[GORDON EISLER/BELLHOP/WAITER]: Male. Actor will play three roles. Gordon Eiseler: early 20’s, the confident groom, a young man of few words; Bellhop/Water: 25-30, young, energized, and efficient. 

[MIMSEY HUBLEY]: Female, early 20’s; Beautiful, Nervous Bride afraid that her marriage will turn out to be like her parents.

[Jean McCormack]: Female, 26-30; efficient secretary ,well groomed, attractive, bright and cheerful.

42nd Street

Come along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway! 42nd Street celebrates Broadway, Times Square and the magic of show biz with wit, humor and pizzazz. At the height of the Great Depression, aspiring chorus girl Peggy Sawyer comes to the big city from Allentown PA, and soon lands her first big job in the ensemble of a glitzy new Broadway show. But just before opening night, the leading lady breaks her ankle. Will Peggy be able to step in and become a star? The score is chock-full of Broadway standards, including “You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me,” “Dames,” “We’re In the Money,” “Lullaby of Broadway,” “Shue O to Bualo” and “Forty-Second Street.”

PEGGY SAWYERLead, Female IdentifyingA starry-eyed, naïve, and humble (but gutsy) chorus girl who assumes the Lead role in Pretty Lady when Dorothy breaks her ankle. A true triple threat. Alto-mezzo soprano: should belt and be able to easily transition to head voice. Strong dancer, especially in tap. Age: 18-25 (character is referred to as ’21’)

DOROTHY BROCK Lead, Female IdentifyingA well-known Broadway diva who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to say so. A tempermental, glamorous, stereotypical prima donna who comes to understand what is important in life. Low Alto. Strong mover. Age: 35-50

JULIAN MARSH Lead, Male IdentifyingA famous Broadway Director. Gru, yet inspiring. Commanding presence — authoritative in instruction and his passion for the theatre. Baritone: range D to high G.. Some dance required. Age: 35-50

BILLY LAWLOR Lead, Male IdentifyingYouthful, leading man, high tenor, attractive, very strong dancer with excellent tap Age: 20-30

MAGGIE JONES Supporting, Female IdentifyingVaudeville style comedic role, and sincere in her nurturing of the young company. A clown with a heart of gold. Partners with Bert Barry. Alto-Mezzo soprano: Ab below middle C to C. Strong mover. Age: 30-55

BERT BARRY Supporting, Male IdentifyingExcellent vaudeville comic and loveable clown. Partners with Maggie Jones. Tenor: range C to high F. Strong mover. Age: 30-50

ABNER DILLON Supporting, Male IdentifyingThe financial backer of Pretty Lady and Dorothy’s “sugar daddy” from Texas. Big personality; domineering. Mostly speaking role with no solo singing. Age: Over 40

PAT DENNING Supporting, Male IdentifyingFormer vaudeville partner of Dorothy’s and her secret romantic partner. Likes to stir up trouble. (Can be older or younger than Dorothy) Range: D-Fb Age: 25-55

ANDY LEE Supporting, Male IdentifyingChoreographer/Dance Director of Pretty Lady. No solo singing. Very strong tap dancer. Age: 25-40

ANN “ANYTIME ANNIE” REILLY Supporting, Female IdentifyingMember of the Ensemble, excellent dancer and singer. Mezzo-Soprano. Age: 18-30

ENSEMBLE Early 20’s to early 30’s. All must have excellent tap and theatre dance technique. Sing well.