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First Step to Stardom FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

First Step to Stardom

How do I register my child for the Free Audition Prep Class?

To register your child, please Click/Tap Here or the link below.
Once your child is registered, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details.

Click/Tap to Register for the Class

Can I audition if I do not sign the photo release form for First Step to Stardom?

Yes. You will be able to audition at the end of the day. Please notify us immediately, if you do not wish to sign the photo release form. 

If my child misses the audition date, can they still audition?

If your child cannot make the date then they will not be able to audition. It is very important that we see and hear all potential actors together in person.

May we watch the audition or rehearsal?

Unfortunately, no.  Parents are welcome to accompany their child before and after the audition.  You will be asked to wait in the lobby area. The entire audition process will take approximately 60 minutes.

What safety procedures are being implemented throughout the day for my child’s safety?

Adult staff will be present throughout the day to supervise the children auditioning and direct them throughout the building.   If at any point throughout the audition process your child decides to not continue, a theatre staff member will bring them to the lobby to reunite them with their parent/guardian.

Where and how will I be picking up my child after the audition?

There will be a registration desk located inside the theatre across from the box office where you will be given a claim check when dropping off your child. When the audition is over you will need to provide the claim check and identification.  No child will be released without these two items. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child please let the person at the registration desk know so she can write his or her name on form and claim check.

When will I know if my child has been cast in the production?

Because of the complexities involved with the casting process, it may take several months before you are contacted by the theatre. Only those actors getting a callback will be contacted.